Frequently Asked Questions - Calais

How do I place an order?


Simply browse the products on this website - we have wines, spirits , champagnes and whiskies, as well as local foods, perfumes, make-up, skincare, sunglasses and lots more! Add the items you wish to pre-order to your basket and check out. You will be asked to include details of your travel plans so that we know when to have your order ready for you.

You will receive an email confirming that we have received your order and another when we have prepared your order, so you know that all of your items are available.


When do I collect my order?


 Orders may be collected at any time between 6am and midnight; our store is open 7 days a week. Just pop into the terminal after check in and Customs.


Can I pre-order everything that is available in the store?


Pretty much, yes. The main thing that you cannot order in advance is refridgerated produce - we want this to be as fresh as possible for you, so just pick up your cheese and charcuterie in store at the same time as you collect your pre-order. You can pay for it all in one transaction.


When can I place an order? 


Orders can be placed between 1 month and 24 hours before travel. If you are planning a journey further ahead, why not create a Wish List?


How do I create a wish list?


You will need to create an account or log in with Facebook, then items you like can be added by either clicking on the outlined heart from the list of products, or if looking at a single product, click the Add to Wish List button below the Add to Basket button.

Items in your Wish List will be indicated with an orange heart and can also be seen by clicking WISH LIST in the page footer.


How does the currency convertor work?


All products sold in our Eurotunnel Calais store are priced in Euros. In order to help your purchasing decisions, we offer a handy currency converter on this website to give an indication of the corresponding price in Pounds Sterling and in US Dollars. This is updated on a daily basis, but may not be based on exactly the same exchange rate as that which applies on your date of travel.


Once items are added to your basket, they will show in Euros only. If you do not pay in Euros, an up to date exchange rate will be applied at the till.


When do I pay for the items?


 You don't need to pay for your items until you reach the terminal and collect your order. 


What forms of payment do you accept in-store?


All items in the World Duty Free store at Eurotunnel Calais are priced in Euros.


As well as Euros, you may also pay by cash in sterling and other selected foreign currency. We also accept card payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express & all major UK & French debit cards.


Where do I pick my order up? - Calais


There are 2 collection points in Calais:


Wold Duty Free Main Store - Terminal Passenger Building:

Your order will be waiting for you in the World Duty Free shop located in the terminal building after border controls. You will need to turn right at the roundabout before boarding the train, but it is only a very short detour and there is plentiful car parking right outside. Orders may be collected at any time between 6am and midnight; our store is open 7 days a week.


The terminal also contains a number of cafés and food outlets so you can pick up a sandwich and a coffee for your journey, too


Flexiplus Lounge - Flexiplus Building:


Your order will be waiting for you in the Flexiplus lounge. Just follow the Flexiplus purple signage from Check-in, to the lounge. Orders may be collected at any time between 6am until 10pm; the lounge is open 7 days a week.  As a Flexiplus customer you will enjoy complimentary refreshments, newspapers and Wi-Fi. 

*Flexiplus Ticket Holders Only*

Once at the terminal, after selecting any additional products you may wish to purchase in our store, simply head for the Reserve & Collect 'Collection Point' alongside the till area where you will be asked for your name and order number. Your order will be found and you can pay for everything in a single transaction.


What happens if my travel plans change?


If you decide to take a Le Shuttle train an hour or two early on your specified date, don't worry, your order will have already been prepared and will be waiting for you. 

If you move to a later Le Shuttle or plan to travel the following day, we will keep your pre-order ready for collection for 24 hours after your original departure date, so your items will still available for pick-up. 

If your travel plans change significantly, simply cancel your original order and place another order.


Can I cancel my order?


Yes, you can cancel your order at any time. If you have created an account, then simply log in (using your email address & the password you set up when you created your order). You will be able to see your original order which you can review and / or print for reference. You can then cancel this order. If you wish to cancel your order but did not create an account, please contact Customer Support.


Can I amend my order?


Registered customers can amend an order by changing the quantities of items ordered until you receive an email saying that your order is ready for collection. Simply log on the website, locate your order in the Accounts section and edit the items.  You can change the quantities or delete items, but you can not add new items to the order.


If you want to add to your order, simply log in using your email address and chosen password and start a new order, all your personal details will be pre-populated, so you will only have to re-confirm your travel details.


If after your order has been picked you no longer want to purchase certain items, don't worry you don't need to do anything. When you visit the store to pick up your pre-order, just tell the staff member which items you no longer require and they will omit them from your basket.


What if I don't know my Eurotunnel Le Shuttle reference?


That is not a problem, all we need is your departure date and approximate time of travel.


How much can I buy?


You don’t pay duty or tax on goods you bring in from the European Union (EU) as long as you:

a) transport them yourself

b) will use them yourself or give them away as a gift

c) have paid duty and tax in the country where you bought them (this is the case for items purchased in our stores).

Although there are no limits to the alcohol and tobacco you can bring in from EU countries,you are more likely to be asked questions if you have more than the government guidelines.

In order to maintain stock availability for all customers, we limit pre-orders of wine to 120 bottles of any one item, and 12 for other products, but you can order as many different items as you wish. Should you require more than the maximum shown on the website of a single item, you will be able to select more when you visit the store.

I know you sell an item in store, but couldn't find it on your site.

We aim to have most of the store stock available to Reserve & Collect, excepting only refridgerated food, such as cheese and pâté and tobacco products, which we are unable to sell online by law. You can pick up any of these items in store and pay for them at the same time as your pre-ordered goods. 

See more about the Calais store including a store map and some of our our top brands.

Should a particular item that you are interested in not be featured on this website, then our Customer Support team will endeavour to assist further in finding out if we sell the item in this store. So feel free to give them a call during UK office hours on +44 (0)1784 475509 or contact them via email: [email protected]


What about stock availability?


We do our best to ensure availability of all our products. If, however, we are unable to supply an item, we will inform you before you come to pick up your order.


Which Stores offer the Pre-order Service?


Our stores at both Folkestone and Calais offer the Reserve & Collect pre-order service. Why not sign up to our eNewsletter to keep up to date with the latest offers? There are links in the bottom of every page of this website where you can sign up.


Do I need to take my goods with me?


Yes, government tax and duty guidelines require that you transport the goods yourself. 


Are there any age restrictions?


Our Reserve & Collect service offers alcoholic products, we therefore require passengers to confirm at checkout that they are either over 18 years of age, or that their basket contains no alcohol.

To ensure we remain within the law, we reserve the right to request proof of age (via your passport or valid photo id) at the till for any traveller who appears to be under the age of 25; we trust you will respect this.






What is your returns policy?


We want you to be 100% satisfied with any purchase you make with us, but we know that sometimes you may change your mind or that things can go wrong. This is why we offer the opportunity for you to return your item to us from anywhere in the world as part of our unique Returns Offer.


If the goods are in their original condition and you have proof of purchase you can return your item within 60 days for a replacement or refund.  For more details – visit our Returns and Refunds page.


What are Exclusives?


One of the great things about shopping with World Duty Free is that you can find products that you can't typically find on the high street. These could take form of bigger bottles, exclusive colours, travel sizes, value multi-packs and limited editions. Because they are unavailable on the high street typically we can not show a price comparison for these items, however many of these products offer exceptional value. 


Where are World Duty Free stores located?


We have stores at each end of Eurotunnel in the Le Shuttle Terminals at Folkestone and Calais.

World Duty Free and our parent company Dufry also operate many stores in airports all over the world. We offer the Reserve and Collect service from almost all of our UK airports; for a full list of these locations visit the Store Locations page of our airports website. 


Hasn’t duty free been abolished?


Back in 1999, intra-EU duty free purchases were withdrawn. This meant that passengers travelling within the EU, including between the UK and France by Le Shuttle, could no longer take advantage of duty free prices.  However, duty free does still exist for all passengers travelling outside the European Union.

The good news for those travelling by Le Shuttle is that World Duty Free stores still offer a great range of products to all customers, including an extensive range of spirits, wine, champagne, fragrance, skincare, confectionery and tobacco products. Although these items are subject to taxes in the country in which they are sold (or what we call "Duty Paid"), differences between taxes in different countries, as well as the buying power of World Duty Free, mean that many of these offer excellent value.

Additionally, unlike duty free purchases, there are no allowance restrictions on the amount that can be purchased for personal use, although we do advise consulting the goverment's alcohol and tobacco guidelines


What's the Average High Street Price?


To help achieve exceptional value, we survey many of our products on the UK high street. An independent company travels the country to find the products we stock at our airport stores in the shops you typically buy from week-in week-out. We use these observations to create an Average High Street Price. Where products are unavailable on the high street or were not sufficiently located, we typically then use the manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRP), where one exists. These two comparison prices are the ones we show our savings against both on this website and in-store.


What is the difference between parfum, eau de parfum (EDP), eau de toilette (EDT) and eau de cologne (EDC)?


These terms represent different concentrations of perfume essence. The greater the concentration, the longer it lasts. Many people still describe any fragrance as “perfume” regardless of the actual description.


Parfum: a concentrate of 15% to 30% perfume essence, the strongest fragrance available (lasts 5 to 6 hours)
Eau de parfum: lighter than perfume with 8% to 15% concentrate (lasts around 3 to 4 hours)
Eau de toilette: a more delicate fragrance with 4% to 8% concentrate (lasts round 2 to 3 hours)
Eau de cologne: traditionally a male fragrance, with 3% to 5% concentration of perfume (lasts 1 to 2 hours)